We deploy any number of technology- based solutions and supportive services including:

Internal Automation

  • Design and implementation of internal systems and architecture. This can include web-based billing, globally distributed document management system, secure single-logon, web-based knowledge base and skills databases, backups, switches, routers, firewalls, and vpns.
  • System automation and integration for Microsoft technologies.
  • Design and maintenance of automated server builds, package and patch deployment, hardware and software inventory and auditing, backups, and security auditing/tracking.
  • Design, installation and training for management of LAN/WAN with secure desktop Internet access.
  • Network design, installation, and training for maintenance of Netware v3.x and Windows NT networks.
  • Relational database design and architecture.
  • Software installation, upgrades, and training for end-user support.

Web Applications
  • Design and implementation of hybrid email systems using MS Mail and MS Exchange.
  • Web-based application development, testing, deployment, and management.
  • Designed and implementation of web applications, tools, systems, and databases. Examples include: SharePoint configuration; Automated IP Address management; Web-based Cisco Local Director administration; Real-time security and server monitoring; Large-scale backup solution; FreeVision console system; NT event log archiving and auditing.
  • Development of corporate Internet and Intranet web sites.

Internet and Data Center Activity
  • Design, implementation, and management of Internet and enterprise solutions that are reliable, redundant and scalable.
  • Top level design and support for company specific Internet sites.
  • Design, implement and architect the technical management of data centers including engineering and senior level operational and security issues.
  • Design and implementation of next generation monitoring and management solutions including performance and application availability metrics, service-level-availability reporting, automated reactionary procedures, and host-based intrusion detection. (Management access can be based on an x509 PKI infrastructure and Smart Card authentication).
  • Security auditing, analysis, hardening, and penetration testing of network accessible computer systems and infrastructure.